Monday, June 14, 2010


*First time to start interesting for me. hehehe! After so many people have been blogging I think its about time I make my own so maybe curious people can be caught up with me too. I love lookin' at makeup products and trying out new things so makeup guru's I'm always looking up after you guys for help! :) I'll always swing by and leave a comment because if I'm going to look and take my time to read then I'll spare a few minutes putting my 2 cent down too. :D

So Monday have finally started and I didnt do much except spend the day with my hubby, his Uncle from Alaska and wife until they left today. The weather suck ass cause obviously it went bi-polar as usual. Rain and clouds and the sun would pop outta no where. Oh wells, this is Washington! I still wouldnt trade it too much for no other state. I love the wet and rainy weather, I think I just grew up with it and got use to it. :) Will baby is sleeping and the hubby is watching RAW TV. And of course I aint got nothing else better to do so will just blabber a lil of myself away. heehe! I'm so low on words these days especially when I dont do much. Hope this is good for now.