Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Morning

Christine, Myself, Maider, Yang, & Kee

Christine, Myself, Yang, & Kee

Christine, Myself, & Yang

Steven, Sandy, Deanna, & Dao

Kee and I

My little Niece Joyce and I

Booger again!

My lil man, who's my everything

My lil booger and hubby

*This past weekend, my little family went to the Seattle Center for the Hmong New Year which is held on the first weekend of November each year. :) It was fun, I got to meet some old faces I haven't seen in a while, and new faces that I haven't seen. I took my little sisters on the rides inside the arcade, they loved it! I also took my lil man there too and he was so good, he had fun because he didn't cry one bit. And he's only 1 yrs and 3 months! I hate going on rides, I can't handle being dizzy. After the ride, I felt like I was going to puke! ha ha ha. After spending a good few hours at the Seattle Center, we all left to go home. I made some yummy food! Too bad I forgot to take pictures because I usually do it when I'm bored. :) Maybe next time? After a little past 8, we had friends over and were drinking + hanging out. The night ends with me knocking out on my cozy bed. hehehe! Then on Sunday, we just hung out with my little brother and his gf. We watched the Seattle Seahawks vs. NY Giants which we lost bad. But I still have tons of love for them! <3 I have been a fan for a long while and that isn't going to change. Well this is all for today's post. I need to get started on my blog. Maybe I'll take some pictures later and start doing makeup reviews for fun. :) Thank you for dropping by, have a fabulous day!

Love, Angela C