Thursday, December 23, 2010

21st Birthday Dinner

Yummy seafood pancake.! It taste great.

I forgot the name of this, but it was good. :D

More meat to grill, it was different. Sort of like beef?

Simple korean side dishes, some were tasty while some were >.<

Myself and my oldest sister Joua

Yang,Maider,Myself,Tiffany,and Joua


Emily,Sandy,and Kee

My 2nd oldest sister Maider and I

*Hello Blogging world!
It's been a while since I've posted another blog post, but I'm pretty much back having a new laptop. :D Yay! Well these pictures are from bottoms up, I forgot whenever you download pictures it's suppose to be the other way around. Oppsy, but you get the food pics were last. heheh! So anyways, it was my 21st yesterday on the 22nd, and also my younger's little sister's 16th on the 24th so we did it together. We wanted to try out a korean bbq grill since we've never tried it before. Dinner was good, and everything went well. Afterwards, the older girls and I decided to hit the casino in Snoqualmie! They showed me how to play the slots and after loosing a couple bucks as a starter, I decided to hit the tables at black jack! I didnt win much, so I basically ended up winning my own money back. hehehe. It was fun though, and no kidding it gets a bit exciting-addicting! ha ha, but I wont get myself into that gambling stuff. It's fun once in a blue moon, I prefer using the money on my family and going out to do things together. Overall, my night ended with shots and a drink. :) When I got home around mid-night, my two boys were already fast asleep. Before I went to sleep, I checked to make sure everything was off, and I found a cake waiting for me in the fridge. It made me kind of sad I didn't get to blow the cake with my boys, but dont worry we did celebrate early this morning for breakfast. I had a good 21, and hopefully next year would be with my whole family. <3 Happy Holidays.

Love, Angela

Monday, December 6, 2010

December Post

It's Monday Afternoon and I'm at my sister's because my brotherinlaw is making us sushi. :D Yummy right? I love sushi, just nothing too raw. ha ha! Sorry no pictures on this post since I didn't bring my camera but maybe soon when I have a laptop or comp in handy. I'm trynna invest in a new laptop, probably get Sony Vaio again because it was pretty good. I would definitely get myself a MAC but I can't afford that at the moment. Nothing much has happen since my last post except Thanksgiving break was pretty boring since we couldnt go to my mom's due to the snow that happen during that week, otherwise I did have a good Thanksgiving. I'm all done shopping for Christmas already and just need to do a couple more for my lil munchkin and Hubby but thats it. It's too bad I didnt go out on black friday huh? I bet there were ton's of good deals out there like many said but oh well.!!! So to make this blog a short one thats all for now. Will update the next time I get my hands on a comp and hopefully get in some new pics. Have a great day now. :)

Love, Angela

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Morning

Christine, Myself, Maider, Yang, & Kee

Christine, Myself, Yang, & Kee

Christine, Myself, & Yang

Steven, Sandy, Deanna, & Dao

Kee and I

My little Niece Joyce and I

Booger again!

My lil man, who's my everything

My lil booger and hubby

*This past weekend, my little family went to the Seattle Center for the Hmong New Year which is held on the first weekend of November each year. :) It was fun, I got to meet some old faces I haven't seen in a while, and new faces that I haven't seen. I took my little sisters on the rides inside the arcade, they loved it! I also took my lil man there too and he was so good, he had fun because he didn't cry one bit. And he's only 1 yrs and 3 months! I hate going on rides, I can't handle being dizzy. After the ride, I felt like I was going to puke! ha ha ha. After spending a good few hours at the Seattle Center, we all left to go home. I made some yummy food! Too bad I forgot to take pictures because I usually do it when I'm bored. :) Maybe next time? After a little past 8, we had friends over and were drinking + hanging out. The night ends with me knocking out on my cozy bed. hehehe! Then on Sunday, we just hung out with my little brother and his gf. We watched the Seattle Seahawks vs. NY Giants which we lost bad. But I still have tons of love for them! <3 I have been a fan for a long while and that isn't going to change. Well this is all for today's post. I need to get started on my blog. Maybe I'll take some pictures later and start doing makeup reviews for fun. :) Thank you for dropping by, have a fabulous day!

Love, Angela C

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunny Monday

*My lil niece was a bit scared as the whole crowd was watching her trynna hit the big pinata. HA HA! She was so cute.

*Aunty Kee is trying to help her.

*Myself and the lil sister Kee

*Joycey <33

*My booger Jayden Lo

*Typical Monday afternoon. I can't believe its already 4. My baby is taking his nap like usual and the hubby is at work. I feel so lazy posting up new posts, ha ha! But I'm so determine when I see other chick's blogs. I feel like mines are so plain, but I love to share a little of my life with others as well like they do also. Not too long ago we celebrated my two younger sisters September birthday along with my Nephew. It was fun, yummy food as always and a pinata! I didn't even get a chance to hit it since my little sister killed it before any bigger person got the chance to. HA HA! She had super woman strength and she's only 10! Will here are a couple pics, not much but its a few. I was too caught up watching them hit to take more pics.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Morning...

So the early morning of Monday continues as we approach, there is nothing I'm doing more than staying home and watching my little son be playful. :) A mother's love for her child is more than anything I could tell the world. If your a baby mama you'll know what I mean. I'm not in the mood to cook this morning so left over from last night it shall be because why waste food when you could re-heat it. Anyone out there with a good food recipe that would like to share with me? This is a short blog, and I haven't been able to keep updated because I lack of these skills for typing. HAHA, so dont mind me but otherwise, I will try my best! <33

P.S. Winnie is having a giveaway to 4 lucky followers. Come see the fun, its easy so click to check it out.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer is ending :(

*It's sad to say this but Summer is already coming to an end, and to some it may have already ended with school being a new start! :) Whether this summer you spent it going on a vacation, hanging out with friends, or just staying home like me, lets just end summer with a big smile! I know that even if I didn't spend it too much doing anything but stay home with my baby, I've been the most happiest mommy in the world. Just being home with him from the start of him talking gibberish,crawling, and taking a few steps just makes me so happy and I have a story to tell to everyone else. :) That's my booger on the left display picture with this blog post. I love this picture! He's almost like the geeky asian baby! hahaha, it made my day when my younger sister posted it on Facebook last night. He's 1 yrs old and 3 weeks! Growing way to fast, I'm just excited to see what else he brings in my life. :) I love him so much, and have so much to teach him along the way. My Monday's are just usually spent staying home with my baby because the hubby works every other weekend and every other two days.

I've some things to buy next month and can't wait to get them. lol, something I need for my place such as a shoe rack! Shoes are stacking up in the closet, and its a big mess. I been doing some research online such as target and walmart and they have some nice big shoe rack for a affordable price so definitely will be getting a shoe rack soon! We also need to pay off some loans. Ugh, never will again get loans when not necessary cause it stacks up. -__- Will, have a Happy MONDAY bloggers! Jayden is doing his thing and boy does it stink! hahaha, time to go wipe his butt.

Love, Angela C.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Night!

Faith Lia Her

Born August 26th, 2010 at 4:15 pm; 7.5 pds, at 20 inches!

Aunty loves you, cant wait to see you next week!

*Hello Bloggers all over the world! So it's been a while since I actually blog about something else rather than a MONDAY night. haha, so lets see what do I have to say? Congrats to my sister Yang and brotherinlaw Steven for having their 2nd baby girl! Her name is Faith Lia Her born on August 26th, weighing 7.5 pounds at 20 inches! I'm so excited to see her next week. My sister lives in Bremerton which is about an hr and half drive unless you take the Seattle ferry which takes about an hr or so but we prefer driving to save money! heheh! Shes our second niece to the family, she will be filled with love just like her bigger sister Joyce! Talking about baby girls, I can't wait to have another little one. I'm hoping for a girl, but if I get another boy, I'll love it too because my son NEEDS a sibling. I feel so bad for my baby when he's playing with his little toy cars which he takes his little fingers and push it back and forth til he gets tired and throws them in the fireplace. :)

I'm spending Friday night on the computer on FB and looking around youtube at makeup gurus. So many beautiful and inspiring makeup artist! :) If your a make up artist please leave your link below the comment section and I'm more than happy to subscribe and look at your videos. :D I love makeup and fashion. I don't have big bucks to buy expensive things, but keeping up with trends is nice. My little boy is crawling around and being close by his daddy. The hubby and two of his buddies are over drinking and playing spades/bomb. Nothing too much really. Hoping to spend tomorrow doing something productive! Might go over to a friend's house and visit her new born baby who was born on the 21st of August. :) So many babies this yr. Anyone reading my blog planning to have a little one? :) Will this is my friday night, what are you up doing?

Love, Angela C.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Night...

What a coincidence! It's a cloudy monday again and I've decided to actually touch up on my blog. lol. My hubby is watching RAW and my baby is up again since he took a nap already. :/ Now what to do? I'm pretty bored, and I've gone through most of the blogs I follow. ehehe! Tommorow is my baby's 1st birthday though and I'm super excited! Although I wont be celebrating it, I did bought a piece of cheesecake and will be singing Happy Birthday to him! The big birthday is coming up this weekend. Pray for sunshine? :) Will, low on words so keepin' it short.

Monday, June 14, 2010


*First time to start interesting for me. hehehe! After so many people have been blogging I think its about time I make my own so maybe curious people can be caught up with me too. I love lookin' at makeup products and trying out new things so makeup guru's I'm always looking up after you guys for help! :) I'll always swing by and leave a comment because if I'm going to look and take my time to read then I'll spare a few minutes putting my 2 cent down too. :D

So Monday have finally started and I didnt do much except spend the day with my hubby, his Uncle from Alaska and wife until they left today. The weather suck ass cause obviously it went bi-polar as usual. Rain and clouds and the sun would pop outta no where. Oh wells, this is Washington! I still wouldnt trade it too much for no other state. I love the wet and rainy weather, I think I just grew up with it and got use to it. :) Will baby is sleeping and the hubby is watching RAW TV. And of course I aint got nothing else better to do so will just blabber a lil of myself away. heehe! I'm so low on words these days especially when I dont do much. Hope this is good for now.