Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Finally New Post 2011

Taking my baby on a walk in his little car

I love him, he's so ready to go outside.


He's always so curious, hehehe

Hello Bloggers! :D
I can't believe were into our 2nd month of 2011 already. January has flown by so quick, it's just like a breeze. Today was beautiful in Washington today, so I decided to take my son Jayden out for a walk. We finally took his mini car out for a ride outside. :) His daddy got it for Christmas and its time to put it into use. He loves the outdoor. We took a 20 minute walk around our apartment complex and he enjoyed it very much, especially in his mini car. :D I've also ordered a "mynamenecklace" after seeing one of my favorite youtube guru's DulceCandy blogging about it. It's so light and perfect! I'll take pictures of it soon and talk about it. I hope your afternoon is going well. Until then, smiles. :P

Love, Angela