Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Face Of The Day

Smiles :)

*Most girls probably wont show their faces without makeup, but I thought I’ll show mines just because I have nothing to hide behind my flaws.

Another picture before applying makeup.

Ta-Dah, done!

Natural lighting with no flash. *My camera isn’t the best quality but it will do.

With flash this time.

The eye makeup, its simple and plain. A little shimmer eye shadow, with black eyeliner on top of the lid and bottom with mascara on the lashes.

One whole side of the face with the makeup showing.

My every day use makeup. Its all affordable since its drug store products.

1. Tell me how you found me! : ) What brought you to my beauty blog?

*I found you through HollyAnnaeree’s you tube when she was going through her jewelry she got from you. It was gorgeous and found about your blog. I wasn’t hook to your blog because of the beautiful pieces of jewelry but the daily things you would post up such as facts, people, and pictures on your personal blog.

2. Do you currently own any Sigma brushes?
*Nope, I do not own any sigma brushes at the moment but do plan on buying the travel kit since I would most likely use the eye brushes only.

3. What is your favorite beauty product?
*My favorite beauty product has got to be NYC sunny bronzer. It’s the perfect bronzer for every day wear without going too shimmery or too dark. I love it!

Thank you Stephanie for doing this awesome great give away, this is my first time EVER entering into a give away where its required to do a MOTD look. I'm probably not the best but I tried. :) Thanks again.

And if you also want to enter, here's the link for Stephanie's blog!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Finally New Post 2011

Taking my baby on a walk in his little car

I love him, he's so ready to go outside.


He's always so curious, hehehe

Hello Bloggers! :D
I can't believe were into our 2nd month of 2011 already. January has flown by so quick, it's just like a breeze. Today was beautiful in Washington today, so I decided to take my son Jayden out for a walk. We finally took his mini car out for a ride outside. :) His daddy got it for Christmas and its time to put it into use. He loves the outdoor. We took a 20 minute walk around our apartment complex and he enjoyed it very much, especially in his mini car. :D I've also ordered a "mynamenecklace" after seeing one of my favorite youtube guru's DulceCandy blogging about it. It's so light and perfect! I'll take pictures of it soon and talk about it. I hope your afternoon is going well. Until then, smiles. :P

Love, Angela