Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunny Monday

*My lil niece was a bit scared as the whole crowd was watching her trynna hit the big pinata. HA HA! She was so cute.

*Aunty Kee is trying to help her.

*Myself and the lil sister Kee

*Joycey <33

*My booger Jayden Lo

*Typical Monday afternoon. I can't believe its already 4. My baby is taking his nap like usual and the hubby is at work. I feel so lazy posting up new posts, ha ha! But I'm so determine when I see other chick's blogs. I feel like mines are so plain, but I love to share a little of my life with others as well like they do also. Not too long ago we celebrated my two younger sisters September birthday along with my Nephew. It was fun, yummy food as always and a pinata! I didn't even get a chance to hit it since my little sister killed it before any bigger person got the chance to. HA HA! She had super woman strength and she's only 10! Will here are a couple pics, not much but its a few. I was too caught up watching them hit to take more pics.


  1. Awww the first picture is soo priceless! :)
    Pinatas are always fun!!

    Glad you shared another post with us!


  2. Ah, that is so so adorable! and she was able to hit the pinata? Wow!


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  3. Such cute, colourful photos!

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