Thursday, December 23, 2010

21st Birthday Dinner

Yummy seafood pancake.! It taste great.

I forgot the name of this, but it was good. :D

More meat to grill, it was different. Sort of like beef?

Simple korean side dishes, some were tasty while some were >.<

Myself and my oldest sister Joua

Yang,Maider,Myself,Tiffany,and Joua


Emily,Sandy,and Kee

My 2nd oldest sister Maider and I

*Hello Blogging world!
It's been a while since I've posted another blog post, but I'm pretty much back having a new laptop. :D Yay! Well these pictures are from bottoms up, I forgot whenever you download pictures it's suppose to be the other way around. Oppsy, but you get the food pics were last. heheh! So anyways, it was my 21st yesterday on the 22nd, and also my younger's little sister's 16th on the 24th so we did it together. We wanted to try out a korean bbq grill since we've never tried it before. Dinner was good, and everything went well. Afterwards, the older girls and I decided to hit the casino in Snoqualmie! They showed me how to play the slots and after loosing a couple bucks as a starter, I decided to hit the tables at black jack! I didnt win much, so I basically ended up winning my own money back. hehehe. It was fun though, and no kidding it gets a bit exciting-addicting! ha ha, but I wont get myself into that gambling stuff. It's fun once in a blue moon, I prefer using the money on my family and going out to do things together. Overall, my night ended with shots and a drink. :) When I got home around mid-night, my two boys were already fast asleep. Before I went to sleep, I checked to make sure everything was off, and I found a cake waiting for me in the fridge. It made me kind of sad I didn't get to blow the cake with my boys, but dont worry we did celebrate early this morning for breakfast. I had a good 21, and hopefully next year would be with my whole family. <3 Happy Holidays.

Love, Angela

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  1. Hey Angela! I'm glad you tuned into the fireworks too with your family :) I love just staying in most of the time ^_^

    My blog feed is so sad :/ I need to figure out what's the problem! It's been driving me nuts!