Monday, December 6, 2010

December Post

It's Monday Afternoon and I'm at my sister's because my brotherinlaw is making us sushi. :D Yummy right? I love sushi, just nothing too raw. ha ha! Sorry no pictures on this post since I didn't bring my camera but maybe soon when I have a laptop or comp in handy. I'm trynna invest in a new laptop, probably get Sony Vaio again because it was pretty good. I would definitely get myself a MAC but I can't afford that at the moment. Nothing much has happen since my last post except Thanksgiving break was pretty boring since we couldnt go to my mom's due to the snow that happen during that week, otherwise I did have a good Thanksgiving. I'm all done shopping for Christmas already and just need to do a couple more for my lil munchkin and Hubby but thats it. It's too bad I didnt go out on black friday huh? I bet there were ton's of good deals out there like many said but oh well.!!! So to make this blog a short one thats all for now. Will update the next time I get my hands on a comp and hopefully get in some new pics. Have a great day now. :)

Love, Angela

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  1. i love sushi too hahah.. anyways,I got that black dress from Ross :D