Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Night...

What a coincidence! It's a cloudy monday again and I've decided to actually touch up on my blog. lol. My hubby is watching RAW and my baby is up again since he took a nap already. :/ Now what to do? I'm pretty bored, and I've gone through most of the blogs I follow. ehehe! Tommorow is my baby's 1st birthday though and I'm super excited! Although I wont be celebrating it, I did bought a piece of cheesecake and will be singing Happy Birthday to him! The big birthday is coming up this weekend. Pray for sunshine? :) Will, low on words so keepin' it short.


  1. Hey Angela ^_^ You should tweet more! That's the best way to make new friends & get a lot of replies / conversations ^_~ hehe

  2. hi Angela! :D Thanks for the sweet sweet comment you left me. It totally made my day haha.I seriously can't stop smiling :D. You are so adorable and thanks again for reading my boring blog :D
    -love leang

  3. I hope your baby's birthday was a blast :)

  4. Hi Angela! welcome to blogging :) I recently started my own too.. you should check it out and don't forget to subscribe.. i will def do the same!
    Good luck with your baby's birthday.. i would love to see pics of him and his party!
    Looking forward to more posts!


  5. Welcome to blogging Angela : ) When do we get to see pics of Jayden since your blog title is Jayden's Mommy? : )

    Thank you for entering my giveaway and I wish you good luck! I'm flattered that you read my blog after finding it through DSK steph...I love her!