Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer is ending :(

*It's sad to say this but Summer is already coming to an end, and to some it may have already ended with school being a new start! :) Whether this summer you spent it going on a vacation, hanging out with friends, or just staying home like me, lets just end summer with a big smile! I know that even if I didn't spend it too much doing anything but stay home with my baby, I've been the most happiest mommy in the world. Just being home with him from the start of him talking gibberish,crawling, and taking a few steps just makes me so happy and I have a story to tell to everyone else. :) That's my booger on the left display picture with this blog post. I love this picture! He's almost like the geeky asian baby! hahaha, it made my day when my younger sister posted it on Facebook last night. He's 1 yrs old and 3 weeks! Growing way to fast, I'm just excited to see what else he brings in my life. :) I love him so much, and have so much to teach him along the way. My Monday's are just usually spent staying home with my baby because the hubby works every other weekend and every other two days.

I've some things to buy next month and can't wait to get them. lol, something I need for my place such as a shoe rack! Shoes are stacking up in the closet, and its a big mess. I been doing some research online such as target and walmart and they have some nice big shoe rack for a affordable price so definitely will be getting a shoe rack soon! We also need to pay off some loans. Ugh, never will again get loans when not necessary cause it stacks up. -__- Will, have a Happy MONDAY bloggers! Jayden is doing his thing and boy does it stink! hahaha, time to go wipe his butt.

Love, Angela C.


  1. ur baby is extra cute! love this picture and you're right.. summers coming to an end :( but im looking forward to the Fall sweater dresses, boots etc :)


  2. pass by~
    I feel like this summer has passed sooooooo quickly! and the weather is getting cool already :( sigh!